GooMonsters hits the AppStore

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It’s official, GooMonsters is now available in the app store. At $0.99, Goo Monsters is an incredible deal. With 58 achievements and 13 leaderboards you’ll have a lot to achieve besides simply completely the thousands of goo splattering campaign. If you are ready to play, just head over to the app store now and download your copy of GooMonsters! Get excited, it’s a fun one.

GooMonsters iTunes Link


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Jonathan Parsons (Par) is the lead developer & designer for Digitally Bold. Jonathan began working with web and graphic design back when Photoshop 5.5 (not CS 5.5) was the cool kids weapon of choice. Likewise, he was introduced to programming and started game development back on the original TI-83. The flash game Blueberry is a throwback to his first attempts at game development with the TI-83.
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