GooMonsters gets Joysticks

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While GooMonsters was made for tilt, tilt and more tilt, we’ve buckled and gave fans the opportunity to play the game in joystick mode instead. In GooMonsters 1.1 we’ve added a lot to making sure you can control the game the way you want to. Tilt controls now have the ability to adjust horizontal and vertical sensitivity as desired. This is useful depending on how you like to hold your iDevice.

The joystick controls now allow for you to play two ways. The two joystick modes are Solo Stick and Dual Stick. Solo stick gives you one joystick that controls the character movement. Swinging is completed the same way as in tilt mode, you swing in the direction your character is moving.
Dual stick has a two joystick interface. One is for movement like Solo stick, the other is for swinging. The swing joystick is used by putting your finger in the center and swiping out in the direction you want to attack. So if an enemy is below your character then put your finger in the center of the stick and swipe downward.

Hopefully now every fan of action and adventure games can really enjoy the gameplay of GooMonsters. Go Hack, Slash, and Splatter!

GooMonsters Solo Stick

Solo stick interface

GooMonsters Dual Stick Mode

Dual Stick interface


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