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I’m kicking into gear on the new Digitally Bold project. Currently I’m not releasing any major details because well, they’re not finalized yet but I can tell you this:

  • It’s a Tower Defense Game.
  • It’s in the style of a top-down RPG (RPG elements may be included in gameplay).
  • You play as one of many characters.

Here’s a screenshot of the game currently. You can get a really good feel for the art style and one of the playable characters. Likewise you are looking at one of the tower building screens. Currently there’s planned 4 to 5 towers. We’ll talk more about that later but let’s just say it’s 4 or 5 towers each with nearly infinite upgrade possibilities.

This is a new style of development at Digitally Bold, typically we keep things secret until release but this time around we really want your help building this game. Your opinions on TD games and what would make a great one definitely is in our consideration. So here’s our first poll question.

What do you like best about TD games?



About the Author:

Jonathan Parsons (Par) is the lead developer & designer for Digitally Bold. Jonathan began working with web and graphic design back when Photoshop 5.5 (not CS 5.5) was the cool kids weapon of choice. Likewise, he was introduced to programming and started game development back on the original TI-83. The flash game Blueberry is a throwback to his first attempts at game development with the TI-83.
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