TDRPG Project Faery gets Upgraded

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What do I mean by TDRPG, you ask? And what do I mean by upgraded… this game isn’t even out yet.

Well first of all by TDRPG we are talking about Tower Defense Role Playing Game. And this may be a stretch of the imagination to really call this game an RPG it undoubtably is going to be dazzled with RPG elements. We’re talking 20% RPG and 80% TD. After all you are running around as cute little forest characters trying to save the day from external evil forces. If that’s not RPG then what is?

Building on the RPG direction you can’t forget upgrades. What RPG doesn’t allow you to upgrade your characters abilities and improve your chances against your foes. It’s all about getting stronger and taking down enemies with ease that you once fell over dead in their proximity. Based on your skill in defending a battle you’re awarded “stars” that will allow you to upgrade your characters and improve your odds in the levels to come.

So what’s this upgrade system look like? Check out the screen shot below.

Okay, so let me elaborate a bit. To the left is the side bar that keeps you updated on what ability you have selected and gives you the opportunity to unlock it if eligible. To gain an ability it must be connected to another unlocked ability and you must have the required stars available to complete the unlock. It’s a simple system really, but the beauty is in deciding which paths to take in order to unlock the needed abilities. In the screenshot above there are 93 upgrades (of course, you can only see about 17 of them) available; however, I’m in the process of adding another 36 to each character.

Ultimately, I think this feature will really add a new level of depth to how to play the game. Not only do you need to choose the correct tower combinations to defend properly but you’ll need to upgrade your character in order to be successful.

What do you think of the Upgrade System?



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Jonathan Parsons (Par) is the lead developer & designer for Digitally Bold. Jonathan began working with web and graphic design back when Photoshop 5.5 (not CS 5.5) was the cool kids weapon of choice. Likewise, he was introduced to programming and started game development back on the original TI-83. The flash game Blueberry is a throwback to his first attempts at game development with the TI-83.
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