Forest Guardians Enters BETA!

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That’s right, two new things hit the public last week. Well, not for everyone, but those who are apart of the BETA have already started playing the game.  And they’ve caught a glimpse of the official title Forest Guardians. Needless to say, I’m excited.

So far the BETA, while only a few days old, has produced some great feedback and bug catches. Bugs are getting cleared up and the game is getting better and better. I’d like to think our first round BETA testers for dedicating their time to making Forest Guardians a better game.

I know, this game has been quite for a while, and it’s about time I start releasing some real details. First of all, I’ve uploaded a video of gameplay on one of the mid levels of the game. This video goes into much more detail than the previous ones, showing you a new character and how towers work. Likewise you’ll get to see a variety of enemies and possibly learn what some of them do.

In this game, many of the enemies, are not your garden variety bad guy. If you watch the video close enough you may be able to pick up on some of their abilities. But more on that at a later date.

If the towers are confusing you at the moment, let me explain. There are Five types of towers, each with their own strengths. The Island Tower deals extra damage, Grass Tower fires at a fast rate, Tree Tower does solid damage to ground enemies, Cloud Tower does solid damage to air enemies with an extra range boost, and the Flower Tower attacks multiple in range ground enemies at once.  Now each of these towers are upgraded by adding a colored ECO (Essence Combined Orb) into the tower. These ECOs each have their own special abilities according to color. For example, light blue will freeze/stun an enemy momentarily. The more of one color you have in the tower the stronger that ability is. Yet, you can mix as many colors into the same ECO as you want and that’s the strategy behind this game.

Anyway, here’s the video, check it out! Release date info coming soon.


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Jonathan Parsons (Par) is the lead developer & designer for Digitally Bold. Jonathan began working with web and graphic design back when Photoshop 5.5 (not CS 5.5) was the cool kids weapon of choice. Likewise, he was introduced to programming and started game development back on the original TI-83. The flash game Blueberry is a throwback to his first attempts at game development with the TI-83.
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