You are a Blueberry who has been taken by an army of robot machines that want to harvest you and do something sinister… you know… like eat you. Don’t be overwhelmed, you’re a Blueberry. Enemies tremble in fear at your awesomeness.

The game is a simple, nothing too complex, nothing too difficult, but entertaining and fun. Especially when enemies start attacking you with vehicles, homing missles, and black holes! But as a Blueberry there’s really only two things you can do… Bubbles and Jam.
There are two bubbles. GlideBubbles are floating bubbles that you can fire and control with your movement. Be smart, fire them from the AIR, it works better. Durabubbles, are no fun at all, but use them if you must, they go straight up and can be very useful, just no fun. JAM!!!!!! This stuff is awesome. Use it to attack ground enemies. Use it to catch enemy bullets and send them flying back into their metal faces. Use it to be awesome.