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The Plot

From as far back as can be remembered, the Forest of Edia was a joyous place beaming with life. Life that flowed out form the roots of the Great Tree.  Over time the Edians left their forest homes and an Age of Exploration began.  Charged to protect Edia, the faeries and the Guardians remained with the Great Tree.  The Edians never returned and the Guardians and faeries that remained began to fall into a deep sleep.  One after another, the slumber overtook the Guardians.  Until only one faery remained awake… and so the Time of Slumber had begun.

All the forest had ever known was peace. That is, until the day the dark ones came.  Their arrival was quick and their attack was calculated. They made  a sudden rush for the Great Tree, marring it with fire and destruction. Yet the one faery escaped.  The faery knew the magic of old and called her sisters from their sleep.  Their awakening startled the dark ones and sent them fleeing from the Great Tree.  The faeries quickly summoned magic to restore the Great Tree, which all of Edia depended upon for survival.  And while they successfully subdued the flames, the damage seemed irreparable.  Yet the faeries knew of a way to restore the Tree, the Great Tree seedlings.  The Sprouts throughout Edia shaded these seedlings and a seedling from each Sprout would be needed to revive the Great Tree. And so the faeries began their search to awake the Guardians and find the Sprouts.


  • 27 levels
  • Campaign and endless modes for every level
  • Detailed upgrade system that requires a solid strategy
  • Over 25 enemies and many bosses
  • Each enemy is different, many have special abilities (e.g. healing).
  • 5 Base towers with unlimited upgrade possiblities
  • 5 Support Faeries
  • 7 varieties of ECOs (Essence Combined Orbs) that can be mixed for unlimited possibilities.
  • A large variety of stat tracking and achievements
  • Multiple leaderboards for endless mode highscores with Gamecenter
  • Nearly 20 hours of campaign gameplay depending on your skill level.