Aviator gaming script Free Download

Aviator gaming script is a Script based on aeroplane when aeroplane crushes then user will lose if user cash out his money before aeroplane creshes then user will win this game is most popular game all people are playing thus game on other Plateforms and making money. This game is simple to play but it can be very rewarding. This game is inside in big casino gaming sites.

Games Available In Aviator gaming script:

there is only one game Available In this script that is Aviator game and this script is designed only for Aviator game.

Some Important Features of Aviator gaming script:

Betting System: users can bet and cash out his cash before plan chrush.

Social Sharing:Social media integration for users to share their wins and invite friends.

Withdrawal Requests:A feature for users to request withdrawals, which are processed securely.

Multilingual and Multi-platform Support: this game Supports multi languages and works on all devices like tablet and Disktop.

Refer system: users can refer to his favorite frends for inviting to play this game and also user will win reward based on refer commission.

Payment History and Transaction Records:Detailed records of all user transactions and withdrawals.

Admin Panel:A secure admin panel to manage withdrawal of users, games, transactions, and monitor the platform’s performance and more.

Installation of Aviator gaming script:

Installation is simple and easy if you are new then this installation can be hard for you. First you need to upload files in your main directory then you need to extract after extracting it you need to make a database after it connect your script to your database by finding connection.php or config.php file it’s all about installation if you have any problem related to installation you can tell us in comments.

Can I install this script on vps?

Yes you can install this script on vps even this script is working on cPanel or plesk panel.

Can i download this script for free?

Yes of course you can download this script for free by following downloading setps.

Can I make own Aviator gaming Website with this script?

yes you can make own Aviator gaming website with this script.

Who is the Owner of this Script if I need help to customize this script?

we don’t no who is owner of this Script but we can help in developing this script we can add new features of games for you.

Is Aviator gaming script and Colour Prediction Script Same?

No Aviator gaming script and Colour Prediction Script is not same it has lot difference in games.

Can I buy paid version of this Script?

yes you can buy paid version of thus script from us or from Orginal developers of this Script.

In Aviator gaming script is only one game Available?

Yes only one game is available in this script that is Aviator game

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