Mantrimall Colour Prediction Website Script

Mantrimall Colour Prediction gaming script is one of the best Colour prediction Script in today’s market thus script is same like trova colour prediction gaming script but here are currently four servers are available namely party, spare etc. Thus colour prediction website script is amazing and everyone loves it. Good user experience and frendly user interface also in this game upi payment is available for Indian users.

Why We Use Mantrimall Colour Prediction Script:

This script is highly secure and user frendly also admin panel of this Script is very good due to these features we highly recommended to use this script or buy from any other developer for extra support.

Games Available In Mantrimall Colour Prediction Script:

there is only one game Available In this script that is Colour game and it has four servers or games with different time and results you can easly customize these results with admin panel.

Some Important Features of Mantrimall Colour Prediction Script:

here are most important Features of Mantrimall Colour Prediction Script such as:

Referral System: is one of the important and good Features in Mantrimall Script in another Scripts or in mostly Scripts Referral system are unavailable.

Responsive User and Admin Interface: in Mantrimall Colour Prediction Script user and admin dashboard are highly responsive with js language it takes only one second to load game from one page to another page.

More Changeable Features: in this script you can change easly colour of this game css of this game and more using admin panel.

User management: you can manage users easly with its admin dashboard you can set passwords or change email address even phone number of a user.

General settings: you can change general settings of a site like site logo, site currency, payment methods and all other details are changeable.

Installation Guide:

First of all you need to upload all files in you server or cPanel in main directory then you need to make a database after it you need to connect your script to your database you can connect it by finding connection.php file or config.php file after it your website will be live also don’t forget to change backlinks in js files then you need to a cron jobs to run game period smoothly.

How To Seup Mantrimall Script On Hostinger

Log in to Hostinger:

Access your Hostinger account.

Access File Manager:

Navigate to the hosting dashboard and find the File Manager or a similar tool.

Upload Script Files:

Upload the script files to the desired directory within your hosting space. You can usually do this through the File Manager or an FTP client.

Extract Files (if necessary):

If your script is in a compressed format, extract the files within the File Manager.

Set Permissions:

Ensure that the script files and directories have the correct permissions. Typically, folders should be set to 755, and files to 644. This can often be done within the File Manager.

Create a Database:

Some scripts may require a database. Create a new database and user through the “MySQL Databases” or a similar section in your Hostinger control panel.

Configure Script:

Follow the instructions provided with the script to configure it. This may involve editing a configuration file, providing database details, etc.

Domain Configuration:

If your domain is hosted separately, ensure that it’s correctly configured to point to your Hostinger server.

Restart Services :

Some scripts may require restarting web server services. Hostinger typically provides tools in the hosting control panel for this.

Access Your Website:

Once everything is set up, access your website through your domain, and the script should be ready to use.


Conclusion: this article is about Mantrimall Colour Prediction Script in this article now you know how to install and download Mantrimall Colour Prediction Script I hope you like this article if you have any issue comment below.

Is Mantrimall a colour prediction gaming script?

Yes it’s a colour prediction gaming script based on js language.

Can I download Mantrimall for free?

yes you can download this script here for free.

Is there any bug in this Mantrimall Script?

Everything is working fine now it’s depending on you and your Installation process.

Can I start a successful business with this script?

Yes you can start successful business with this Mantrimall Script.

Which hosting is good to host this script?

we suggest you to any hosting but powerfull hosting with more ram.

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