Fastwin | Fiewin Colour Prediction website script

Fastwin | Fiewin Colour Prediction website script is a gaming source code used by fiewin and fadtwin companies and you know fastwin is a colour prediction and betting site like Fiewin script its basically build with latest js language. This script has 5 games namly fast party, party, ander bahir dice and Colour cricle game. If you want to create own colour prediction website then you are in the right place with this script you can make own colour prediction script or we can see batting site.

Difference between Fastwin | Fiewin Colour Prediction website script:

these Scripts are same no much difference between fastwin or Fiewin only litte difference is that companies have own code companies can chnage design anytime without any notice. All games are same fastwin and also in Fiewin. The admin panels are also same both in Fiewin and fastwin no big difference between two games or Scripts.

Games Available In Fastwin | Fiewin Colour Prediction website script:

FAST PARITY: this is the most popular game Available In Fiewin or fastwin most users are like this game user are easly with money with this game because this game is simple and easy users are just need to choose a colour if colour is correct user will win if colour is incorrect user will lose.

PARITY: thus game is also like FAST PARITY little difference is time is not same in this PARITY here users are need to bet before one minute but in FAST PARITY users are need to bet within 10 minutes this game is time saving and most users are played this game on Fiewin.

DICE GAME: This is the third game Available In Fiewin website this game is all about Dice users are need to pick points if to win this game. Users are need to choose less or more then his counting number.

ANDAR BAHAR: This is the second most popular game in Fiewin or fastwin in this game three options are available ANDAR, BAHAR And Tie if users bet on connect option then user will win if option is wrong then user will lose his money.

COLOR CIRCLE GAME: This is another game Available In this script in this game users are win but no one is like this game this is the new game most users are not playing this game.

Script name Fiewin/Fastwin
Available Games 4 Plus

Can I download fastwin script for free?

yes, you can download this script for free.

can I make own Profficional colour prediction gaming website with script?

yes you can make Profficional colour prediction gaming website with this script.

Is there any bug in this script?

everything is working fine and no bug is currently available in this script.

is Fiewin and Fastwin are same?

yes of course Fiewin and Fastwin are same.

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