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What is damaan or tc Lottery?

damaan is a colour prediction gaming script with 3 Games namely WINGO, 5D Lottary And K3 Lottery. These game are based on colours and time periods with current dats or random date. The time of these Games are started from 1min to 10 min. Every user need to bet before 1 min or 10 min based game timing. Simply user bets on colour like red, blue and green if users colour is correct then user will Win if colour is wrong then user will Lose Basically damaan or tc Lottery is a colour prediction gaming script.

Game Available In Damaan Source Code:

Basically here are currently three games Available in this source code namely:

  1. WIN GO: it’s a game based on colours you need to hit the correct colour to win this game also you can see image of these Games below
  2. second game is 5D Lotre here you need to pic numbers, big, and small to win this game
  3. The third game is K3 Lotte this games is based on numbers dice are randomly picking numbers.
Games of Damaan Source Code

Main Features of Damaan Source Code:

  1. Upi payment Getaway: in this source code upi payment Getaway is available you can set your own upi id in our settings.
  2. Bonus System: Set bonus on new registration when user signup System will give bonus set by you.
  3. Add or Remove Funds: in admin panel you can easly remove or add funds in user account by searching users username or phone number.
  4. Refer system: when user refer to another user system will give bonus to both users as set in admin panel
  5. Manage games: in admin panel you can easly manage games of this Script or you website.

Basic details

Name Damaan Script
Version 5.0
Language English And Chinese
Modified By

Admin Features of Damaan Source Code:

System Controlling: you can control this game fully using admin panel you can change easy site logo and site settings also you can add your payment methods and contact details using admin panel.

Game Controlling: you can control game result using admin panel you can set custom results in every game in every time by just choosing options using admin panel the admin panel of thus game is fully responsive and easy to use.

Redeem code: admin can create special or public Redeem code so users can Redeem easly by entering this code on User panel in Redeem code section.

Build in beginners Guide page: beginners guide page helping user to do all actions by yourself just reading this page and this page is also important page.

Withdrawal and recharge: easy to use withdraw and recharge chennels with frendly interface.

Responsive Design: – The script is built with a responsive design, ensuring seamless user experience across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Installation:Damaan Games Source Code:

this installation process of Damaan Source Code is not simple but it’s not too hard to install you can follow below setps to install this script om your vps first of all you need connect database and make another js project with your current directory after making you need to Run NPM Install After it damaan will show you do you want to install this script you need to click on yes and choose production version then that is all your website is ready.

Download Damaan Source Code:

Downloading Damaan source code is simple and easy you need to just click on Download Link then you need to follow some setps then your Download Will start automatically.

Here’s a general guide: How To Install This Script On Vps

1. Access Your VPS:

Connect to your VPS using SSH or any other remote access method provided by your hosting provider.

2. Update Software:

Run system updates to ensure that your server has the latest software packages. This can be done using package managers like apt for Debian/Ubuntu or yum for CentOS.

3. Install Required Software:

Install any software dependencies required by the script. Common components include a web server (e.g., Apache or Nginx), a database server (e.g., MySQL or PostgreSQL), and PHP.

4. Upload Script Files

:Upload the script files to a directory on your VPS. You can use SCP, SFTP, or other file transfer methods.

5. Extract Files (if necessary):

If your script is in a compressed format, extract the files using the appropriate commands.

6. Set Permissions:

Ensure that the script files and directories have the correct permissions. Use the chmod command to set appropriate permissions.

7. Configure Server Software:

Configure your web server (Apache or Nginx) to recognize and serve the script. Create a virtual host if needed.

8. Create Database (if required):

If the script requires a database, create a new database and user. This can typically be done using commands like mysql for MySQL databases.

9. Configure Script:

Follow the instructions provided with the script to configure it. This often involves editing configuration files, setting up database connections, etc.

10. Domain Configuration:

If you have a domain, configure it to point to your VPS. Update DNS settings accordingly.

11. Restart Services (if needed):

Restart your web server and any other relevant services to apply changes.

12. Access Your Website:

Once everything is set up, access your website through a web browser using your VPS IP address or domain.

Make Changes Easly In This Script With the help of following Points:

1.Understand the Structure:

Before making any changes, understand the structure of the script. Familiarize yourself with the organization of files, directories, and the script’s architecture.

2. Backup Your Script:

Before making any modifications, create a backup of your entire script. This ensures that you can revert to the original state if something goes wrong.

3. Modify HTML/CSS:

Locate the HTML files responsible for the layout of your script. Edit these files to change the structure and content. Similarly, modify the CSS files to change the styling.

4. Use Developer Tools:

Use browser developer tools (usually accessible by right-clicking on a webpage and selecting “Inspect” or “Inspect Element”) to inspect and experiment with the current styles. This can help you identify the CSS classes and styles you want to modify.

5. Update Images and Assets:

If your design changes involve new images or other assets, replace or update the existing ones. Ensure that the new assets have the correct file paths in your script.6. JavaScript Modifications (if needed):If your script uses JavaScript for dynamic behavior, you might need to modify the JavaScript files. This could include updating event handlers, adding or removing functionality, etc.

7. Responsive Design:

Ensure that your design changes are responsive, meaning they work well on various screen sizes and devices. This may involve modifying CSS for different breakpoints.

8. Testing:

Test your modifications thoroughly. Check the script’s functionality and appearance on different browsers and devices to ensure a consistent user experience.

9. Version Control:

If you’re making significant changes, consider using version control systems (e.g., Git) to track your modifications. This allows you to manage changes more effectively and roll back if necessary.

10. Document Changes:

Document your design changes, especially if you are working in a team or may need to reference the changes later.

11. Feedback and Iterate:

Gather feedback from users or stakeholders and be prepared to iterate on your design based on this feedback.

Conclusion: In this article I already tell you all about damaan Source Code in short if you want to make online gaming website then daman Source Code Is Best choose for you.

What is Damaan Source Code?

it is a Colour prediction Website Source Code With Three games available.

Is Tc Lottery and damaan source Code are same?

Yes both are same Website Source Codes.

Can I make Successful website with Damaan Source Code?

Yes, of course you can make a successful colour prediction gaming Website using Damaan Source Code

Can I download this for free?

Yes, you can download this source code for fee by following some setps.

Can I Host this source code on cPanel Or Whm?

This source code is tested and fully Working on vps Server with some basic requirements. But this sourc code is not working on cPanel (not tested).

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